Skinful Halloween in limbo, organizers determined to finalize location

Skinful Halloween location in limbo

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local Halloween party planned for thousands is in limbo. Event organizers for Skinful Halloween are trying to work out a venue for the event on October 26th.

They've recently been trying to finalize plans with owners of the Music Farm in downtown Charleston.

Co-founder Dr. Brian King said, "To be honest, we just want everything locked in and signed and have no more of this up and down roller coaster."

Dr. King says they've been struggling to find a solid location after many attempts fell through.

"We started over 6 months ago," said King.

The event has been under fire because of past incidents including the fatal accident 2 years ago.

A man was leaving the Skinful Halloween party on Folly Road when an alleged drunk driver hit him.

Organizers have been looking at locations in more rural areas but have not had any luck. Communities like Hollywood have denied permission to host the event in their area.

Dr. King said, "We were trying to go further outside of the city and away from housing and trying not to disturb as little of the surrounding areas as possible."

Advertising is out saying the event will be held at the Music Farm on Ann Street.

A spokesperson with the city police said owners of Music Farm said the event won't be held at their venue.

"We're as confused as anybody else as to what transpired there because when we reduced it to that show; we are basically doing it to the capacity that they would do any show," said King.

Still no official word yet from Music Farm, but either way an inside venue is a big change for the event that has been held outside for 13 years.

"It's not like Skinful has been in the past. In the past it's been thousands, upwards of 3,000 people. This would be something completely different."

Dr. King says he's determined to find a place for the event he started in his home 17 years ago.

"We do this because we believe that we should at least have one night where hard working, responsible people can let their hair down a little bit and have fun safely," said King.

The main musical acts will still go on as scheduled.

Two organizations will benefit from the proceeds of the event. One is Keepers of the Wild, a local wildlife group and the other is the Tanzania Foundation. They provide schooling for children in Tanzania.

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