Lowcountry health center patiently working through Obamacare glitches

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Ethel Husser is relieved she made some progress Monday. She wants her health coverage to kick in January 1st.

"The first time I just signed in. This time we were able to get into the system and get to the eligibility, and the application did go through."

HealthCare.gov came online almost three weeks ago. Earlier Monday, the President acknowledged that the process hasn't been as smooth as he hoped, but professionals at a downtown health center say some growing pains are expected.

"Three weeks out, I'm not frustrated about that," explains Virginia King, the community affairs manager at Franklin C. Fetter Family Health Center. "Anything that you launch, in terms of this magnitude, is probably going to have something wrong with it."

King says on-site application counselors have set-up accounts for 36 people so far.

"People really want this. They really want it."

However, she says they can't access the part of the site where providers have listed the health plan options for each state. King says in South Carolina, four companies are offering 52 plans.

"We're hopeful that this week, people will be able to go back in, into their accounts, and finish out their enrollment in terms of being able to look at plans that are out there."

Husser says she will be back Tuesday morning to plug away at her application.

"I really need it because I have a long problem right now, and I need the insurance to help me out to pay for some of the bills."

Open enrollment ends March 31st, 2014. According to the White House, half-a-million Americans have enrolled so far.