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WIS GM: Responsible pet owners can help local shelters

The following Perspective is an expression of opinion by the Editorial Board at WIS, and presented by General Manager Donita Todd:

Each year, about 11,000 animals are euthanized at shelters in Richland and Lexington counties.  This tragic loss of life is an avoidable one.  The first line of defense is creating a heightened sense of awareness in the human population  for responsible spaying and neutering of their pets.   Unwanted pets are at the mercy of survival as a stray  or rescue at a county or private animal shelter.

No kill shelters such as Pawmetto Lifeline and Pets, Inc.  save thousands of these animals each year, but at considerable expense.  Pawmetto Lifeline is a success story due to the generosity of donors and the collaboration of Richland and Lexington county tax dollars.   Unfortunately, after two decades, Pets Inc.  faces closure due to lack of funding.  The smart move might be for these two organizations to somehow merge their efforts to save thousands of unwanted pets.  perhaps there's  a generous angel donor out there who can step up and save the day for Pets, Inc., but it's every pet lover's responsibility to do their part to save these animals from being euthanized.

Please be responsible and do your part by spaying or neutering your pets, adopting a rescue animal, and if possible, donate to keep these no-kill shelters in business.    Thousands of  lives depend on it.

That's my Perspective.

Write to Perspective at P.O. Box 367, Columbia, SC 29202, or send an email.

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