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3 small children found alone while adult played video games

1415 Tumberland Drive 1415 Tumberland Drive

(WMC-TV) - Three small children were found unsupervised Wednesday morning at an apartment in South Memphis.

A maintenance man, who called police, reportedly found a 3- and 4-year-old playing outside of an apartment building. The kids were not wearing shoes, nor were they supervised.

When police arrived to 1415 Tumberland Drive, they also found a 5-month-old baby inside the apartment.

Markesya Jackson, the mother of one of the three kids, said she left her 20-year-old son in charge when she went to work. He was found at another apartment playing video games, according to police.

Jackson's son also happens to be the father of the 5-month-old found alone inside the apartment.

Neighbor, Larry Johnson, could not believe the three kids were left alone by their own family members.

"You can fall, hurt yourself, especially if you want to crawl," said Johnson. "I mean, he's [the 20-year-old] always got the baby in his arm. I'm surprised he doesn't have him then, but he always has the baby in his arms."

Johnson said if he ever has to leave his own grandchildren, he makes sure someone is watching them. He would be livid if that person neglected the responsibility.

"Whoever left them alone, I'd be getting on them," he said.

Markesya Jackson told Action News 5 she still has all three children. Meanwhile, MPD and Department of Children's Services is investigating.

No arrests have been made.

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