Florida postal worker aids woman suffering medical emergency

COCONUT GROVE, FL (WSVN/CNN) - A Florida postal worker brought more than the mail. He delivered help to a woman on his route after hearing her screams.

Jesus Malvarez, 72, is a mailman who knows his route well, but he's also being called a hero.

"I help the people. That's it," he said.

Though he's not interested in taking credit, Malvarez's good deed last Tuesday is stuff of letter-carrying legend.

"But if Jesus was not here, I was in trouble, really, because I can't do nothing. The pain was so terrible," Olga Katona said.

She had the scare of her life.

"When I heard this (jiggles mail slot) he was … I started not screaming so hard, but he hear me," Katona said. "… This door was a little bit open, and he went inside."

That's when he found the woman he delivered mail to for more than a decade on her couch, trembling in pain. She had already called fire rescue once for chest pains.

"At that point they take a little bit long, so he was calling again," Katona said.

Dispatchers coached the postal worker of 20 years as he waited with her until medics arrived. Then it was back to work.

"I was so glad somebody was here with me, and it was him, and I thank God because he sent me him here," she said.

Katona spent two days in the hospital, but wasn't thought to be having a heart attack. She feels better now.

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