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Transcript: Troy coach Larry Blakeney looks toward ULM


"We had a good trip. We were able to go and perform at the level we had to to win against a very good football team. For them, it was backs against the wall, in my opinion, because they already had two (Sun Belt) losses. We got two turnovers to their one and I thought our kicking game being able to omit (Antonio) Andrews from the return game was big. We kicked it on the ground, we pooched it, we kicked it into the wind, we punted it on the ground, we did everything to try to keep him from getting a good shot at returning the football. Unfortunately, we couldn't do that on defense because they could hand it to him. He really is a good running back, probably one of the finest there is in the country.  

It was one of those games that we knew they were going to able to mover the ball. Just trying to get stops, trying to find a way. We finally got two turnovers, two fourth-down stops I think, one that I know was huge. There are a lot of elements. Penalties, we lost that by a wide margin, 70 or 75 yards. We had 107 penalty yards, which is difficult to overcome. We're fortunate and we're blessed and we're looking to the future hopefully with some confidence.  

We've got a short turnaround to get ready for ULM. It just so happens that Kolton Browning – if y'all don't know about Browning, he's one of the those guys for the Trojans that would jump out in front of you with a ghost hat on at Halloween. He'll be the ghost of Halloween and he's back. Kolton Browning is one of the best college quarterbacks in the country. He's like a coach as far as the mental part of it and he can run and throw the football, so he really stresses you up front. They'll empty the backfield and he'll run it. They'll scheme it up. It's a difficult task that we have defensively to hold them to whatever output that we can, then we'll have to score ourselves. We do have a short turnaround, we won't be able to hit very much in practice this week, it was a very physical game we just played." 


"Whatever I say could be right or wrong. We've got some experienced players in critical places that help us, never-say-die type people. Hopefully, that's what our program is about. We've not been able to win those close, one-score game the last couple of years. We've been able to win those this year. I'm proud of our senior leadership and the way our guys are trying to play. We've got some good people on this team and if they continue, we'll win. The thing about our league is this: anybody in this league can beat anybody in this league. It's that simple and it happens every week. We're looking at ULM, ULL, Ole Miss and then Texas State.


"We're up by six and they're driving the ball and we're hoping and praying that they screw it up or we get a chance to stop them. It was fourth down and one or two and our guys did step up. We were discussing whether we could burn the clock with them having two timeouts and while we were discussing that Coach Petrino decided to challenge the spot. We thought we had stopped him so ultimately it ended up that he lost one of his timeouts. Game, set, match. We knew we had enough to burn the time left. I burned the entire 40-second clock down and called timeout to evaluate and make sure we had everything in order. Good day for the Trojans. 


"I'd say that there is no question that he's the guy; he knows the offense. He's like a coach on the field. He can do everything they want done offensively. You better have some answers. If you don't have answers, they'll pound you with him all day. He's got great touch and is strong enough to get it in the seams downfield." 


"I hope it helps. We need that boost, that juice, that energy… confidence. These coaches are working hard to get the team ready. The older kids are working hard tying to lead this football team. All of that is big, so we've got to try and put a good plan together and get ready for Thursday night and roll it out there and see what happens." 


"Well, I like all those guys. Certainly (Brandon) Burks has laid claim to the guy that needs to start and needs to be out there. (Jordan) Chunn has made some huge runs for us. Not all have been big, long yardage runs but he'll power it in there and get first downs, get touchdowns and take care of the ball. I'm really proud of those two guys. Chunn has been exceptional for a young guy. I think Brandon Burks is a solid guy. He is also a guy that we can trust increasingly in kickoff returns.  We'll put another guy back there with him like Khary (Franklin). Khary is another guy who has struggled with some injuries and is looking for some playing time. He has stuck with us and stuck with his teammates and that's a great thing for him and a great thing for us. We've got some guys that are doing their job in that particular position."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Troy Athletics Dept.

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