Mayoral candidates lay out vision for Mt. Pleasant's future

Mayoral candidates lay out vision for Mt. Pleasant's future

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - It was a friendly discussion as the candidates presented their platforms and records of service and leadership.

"We just learned a lot about the candidates," says voter Ed Evans. "I mean not only did we learn about their official positions, but I think we learned something about their personalities as well, and I think that was really valuable."

"They are all very cognizant of the fact that they do have to look to the future and make sure that there is the infrastructure in Mt. Pleasant to support any future growth," says voter Annette Hill.

The mayoral hopefuls include council members Kenneth Glasson and Linda Page, former councilman Joe Bustos and George Freeman, the vice chair of Charleston County's planning commission. All the candidates acknowledged a growing Mt. Pleasant, laying out their visions for the town over the next several years.

"I'd like to see economic development take hold," says Bustos. "I'd like to get some of the Boeing suppliers here in Mt. Pleasant. I'd like to see government more open and welcoming to the public."

"We need to make sure that the north end and the south end of town, that there's no difference in the quality of life," explains Glasson. "The infrastructure that we've now put in place and continuing to build on and support for all the projects that are going on."

"To have a town where the people can live and work in the same area and we reduce the amount of traffic that we have on the highway where we have to drive out of town," says Freeman "If we have a downtown business district where people can live and work here then we will cut back on the traffic."

"My vision is to be a unified town, one community that is engaged and looks forward to the future and respects the past," says Page.

Residents say they were relieved to hear that the issues that matter most to them were also high priority for the candidates.

"I was glad to hear that several of them felt like they could work with the superintendent of Charleston County, come to a plan for Mt. Pleasant, hopefully, in the near future."

Candidate Carl Carroll Jr. did not take part in the forum. Election Day is November 5th.