SC residents voice government disapproval in latest Winthrop Poll

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An overwhelming majority of South Carolina residents disapprove of Congress in the wake of the recent government shutdown, according to the latest Winthrop Poll numbers.

Nearly 900 South Carolinians were surveyed to gauge their thoughts on the United States government and state leaders, and the latest Winthrop Poll results show low approval ratings across the board.

According to the poll, 86.5% of S.C. residents disapprove of Congress. Additionally, President Obama's approval rating has dipped to 40%, with a 51.1% disapproval rating.

When casting blame for the government shutdown, 48% of S.C. residents say Republicans and 28% say President Obama.

On the state level, 45% of those surveyed say Governor Nikki Haley is doing a good job, while 39% disapprove of her work as governor.

The number essentially flipped for South Carolina senators, as only 39% of S.C. residents approve of the way both Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott have handled their jobs.

Those surveyed in South Carolina say the biggest problems facing our state are jobs and unemployment, and education.

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