Security changes come to the Coastal Carolina Fair

Security changes at Coastal Carolina Fair, book bags, purses not recommended inside
Charleston Co. Sheriff's Office headquarters at Coastal Carolina Fair
Charleston Co. Sheriff's Office headquarters at Coastal Carolina Fair

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Dennis Lott, President of the Coastal Carolina Fair said, "There are two things we take very seriously here at the Coastal Carolina Fair and of them is safety and the second one is security."

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies are ready to keep you safe while you enjoy the fair.

Lott said, "They'll be wearing their county deputy uniforms and they'll be roving throughout the fairgrounds. There'll be a deputy at each gate."

The sheriff's office has setup an office inside the red train car is just inside the main gate.

"That's where our sheriff's department supervisors are," said Lott.

As for how many deputies will be patrolling the fairgrounds, organizers will only say, enough of them to keep the peace.

"There will be plenty, I assure you," said Lott.

If for some reason you can't find a deputy, Lott says there are other officials there to help out.

Lott said, "What they want to do is find an exchangite. Those exchangites will be wearing Coastal Carolina Fair garb usually and if not, most of them will have a red hat on that says Coastal Carolina Fair."

Security teams will also be paying close attention to what you bring in. Organizers say they made these adjustments after seeing what has happened around the country this year.

"No coolers, no coolers at all. That's just not something that's going to happen unless it's a medical condition where they have meds in there, they have to keep cool or formula or something like that," said Lott.

Lott says it's best not to bring anything in unless you absolutely need to. This includes book bags and purses.

"We discourage it but we don't ban it and we understand that there are situations where you might need a diaper bag or something like that. We do reserve the right to check anything," said Lott.

Lott says the goal is to avoid situations like the shooting that happened three years ago.

"We do, I think a phenomenal job at protecting our patrons and they don't have any reason to fear coming out here," said Lott.

The fair will also have new measures in place to help find lost children.

Fair organizers are asking parents to take photos of their children once they enter the gates. This is to help in case a child goes missing.

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