State bill challenges Affordable Care Act

State bill challenges Affordable Care Act

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Greenville, Columbia, and North Charleston are a few stops a senate committee has made since Tuesday to discuss Bill 3101, a proposal that challenges parts of the Affordable Care Act.

"You always start with the people," says state senator Tom Davis. "You always start with the stories they tell, and you always try to come up with a solution that's going to mitigate the negative impacts this federal law is causing."

Bill 3101 passed in the state House last year. If the state Senate passes it, the proposal would prevent South Carolina from ever creating a healthcare exchange and even give tax breaks to anyone who has to pay a penalty for not having the mandated insurance. State Senator Tom Davis, who's leading the committee, says state lawmakers want to hear from their constituents.

"Access to affordable healthcare is a must have for any successful government, for any progressive society," says Obamacare supporter Esther Lapin.

"I believe that article 1; section 8 clearly shows that there is no provision for the Affordable Care Act, the authority to carry that out," explains Jesse Graston, who opposes Obamacare. "I believe it's an encroachment, and it's your duty to protect South Carolinians against this."

While the bill uses the phrase "render null and void," Senator Davis says it's not their intention to completely nullify the Affordable Care Act, but he says South Carolina does have the right to push back.

"We're not talking about nullification. We're not talking about taking a federal law that was passed by Congress and declared constitutional by the United States Supreme Court, and we're not declaring like John C. Calhoun did in 1831 that we don't recognize this law within our borders. That's not what we're doing."