Owner: Men shoot and kill pig, get away by boat

Owner: Men shoot and kill pig, get away by boat
Photo of a pig at Legare Farms
Photo of a pig at Legare Farms

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Multiple agencies are investigating after a pig at Legare Farms was reportedly shot and dragged aboard a boat Wednesday afternoon.

According to an incident report, Charleston County Sherriff deputies were called out to Legare Farm and Nursery on Johns Island at 2 p.m. for a reported shooting.

The owners of Legare Farms are outraged after they say a second pig was shot and killed on their farm.

"Somebody knows something, somebody's eating pork at their house," said Helen Legare-Floyd one of the owners of Legare Farms.

Legare says it's time for the killing of her pigs to come to an end.

"It's scary to me. It makes me mad that somebody would shoot one of my pigs, but it scares me that they're shooting a gun this close to my house," said Legare.

Legare says she was inside her house Wednesday afternoon around 2 p.m. That's when her quiet day quickly changed.

"I heard a shot and stood up and looked out of the window and saw a boat," said Legare.

Legare's house is no more than two to three hundred feet away from the river.

"I heard a second shot, went running, and got my shoes on. By the time I started down the steps, I heard a third shot," said Legare.

Shortly after, Legare made her way to the river.

Legare said, "As soon as they saw me, they took off like a shot."

Legare thought it was odd that the men didn't do much to keep a low profile.

"It was a white about 16-17 foot Key West bowrider boat, but they had a green canoe in the boat, a big green canoe in the boat which made them standout," said Legare.

According to Legare this isn't the first time a pig has been shot and killed on their property.

"I think it was in the spring, so about 6 months," said Legare.

Right now she isn't sure if the two are connected.

"The first time they didn't get the pig, they ran the boat aground trying to come ashore to get the pig," said Legare.

Legare says they raise pigs on the farm to sell the meat.

"I'm sure that's why they killed it was for the meat," said Legare.

For whatever reason the men shot the pigs, Legare has a message for them.

"Stay away from my property and don't shoot guns around my house," said Legare.

According to a police report, the Department of Natural Resources searched the area of the Sol Legare boat landing but didn't find the boat spotted at Legare Farms.

The Legare family is offering a reward to anyone who can help.

The case is under investigation by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and the Department of Natural Resources.

If have any information, call crime stoppers at 554-1111.

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