Charleston cop under investigation for handling of brawl posted on YouTube

Charleston cop under investigation for handling of brawl posted on YouTube

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police have launched an internal investigation into a brawl at an apartment complex that was posted on YouTube.

The officer is the focus of the investigation for his handling of the incident and the way he spoke, according to Deputy Chief Tony Elder.

The fight involving several women happened last Saturday afternoon at the complex on North Romney Street, and led to charges against eight people.

Two videos posted on YouTube, titled the 'Bayside Brawl' after Bayside Manor, the former name of the complex.

Before the fight broke out, the cop tried to keep the peace.

He was working an off duty security job at Bridgeview Village.

"Ya'll gonna fight, you're gonna fight me. You all go the (bleep) home. We've got too many cameras. It's over with. We done, we done," the officer is heard saying on the video.

But it was only just beginning.

The video shows more women joining in; slapping, punching and pulling hair.

A second video shows yet another fight near a window.

Police identified six women and two men who will be charged.

Some of them do not live at the complex.

Attorney David Aylor represents one of the women facing charges.

"There obviously was some personal issues between a large number of people were involved. But she ultimately was trying to defend herself and hopefully that will come out as things move forward," Aylor said.

Police say there is another problem.

The off duty officer and the other officers who responded to the brawl did not file an incident report.

Police supervisors found out about it through YouTube two days later.

Elder said the officer under investigation remains on duty.

Police spokesman Charles Francis said those from the complex who were charged will be evicted and outsiders involved will be banned from coming back to Bridgeview Village.

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