Fair employee who received 1/2 million 'likes' on Facebook honored by family

Family thanks fair employee

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Live 5 first introduced you to Lovell Thompson earlier this week. He's the Coastal Carolina Fair employee who brought a disabled boy and his family to the front of the line for a ride.

Thompson said he was just doing his job when he helped 8-year-old Caleb Brown, but it was much more than that to his family.

Friday afternoon, the family got to thank him in person, for the first time since that ride.

"He didn't have to go above and beyond," said Kathy Brown, Caleb's mother. "He didn't have to let everyone else off and then drive the ride back around for Caleb to get off right at the exit gate."

After Brown posted her gratitude on Facebook, hundreds of thousands reacted. At last check, Brown's post has more than 165,000 likes and has been shared over 60,000 times.

"I always think its important to let someone know when they do a good job," said Brown. "It made Caleb's day - he smiled from ear to ear the rest of the afternoon riding rides. It was a positive experience and I thought everyone should know about it."

News traveled fast to the Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports research of a rare chromosome deletion which is the condition that Caleb suffers from.

On behalf of the foundation, the Brown's presented the humble fair worker with a letter, certificate of appreciation and a gift.

"It made me feel real good," said Thompson.

Thompson, of Florida, didn't expect the attention and stood quietly as the Brown's publicly thanked him in front of his peers.

He says his fellow fair employees have started calling him a superstar because of the attention he's getting for his good deed and he hopes that others can learn from it.

"Help other people," said Thompson. "It's good to help."

"I've always loved the fair but we will definitely be bringing him to ride rides more often," said Brown.

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