Haley on Boeing 777X: SC is on standby and ready

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Live 5 has new information on the Boeing 777-x deal from two of South Carolina's top leaders. Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell says he has met with Boeing executives and believes South Carolina is in a strong position to get at least a piece of the project.

Gov. Nikki Haley says she has also spoken with Boeing officials since their deal with Washington state fell through.

"I feel for the state of Washington, but it's somebody else's gain," said Gov. Haley.

Gov. Haley says South Carolina is on stand by and ready for whatever Boeing needs.

The Washington machinists union rejected its contract, which would have ensured the 777-x jets will be built there for the next eight years.

Aaron Borden, a union member who voted no to Boeing's proposal, thinks that despite voting down the offer, their facility still has a chance to design and build the 777-x.

"They have 20 years of building the triple-7 here. If they moved it somewhere else, it would take a huge undertaking," said Aaron Borden, machinists union member.

Gov. Haley says what happened in Washington is why she fights unions.

"What I do know is when a union enters your state, they completely take over the business climate and they kill jobs," said Gov. Haley.

However, South Carolina isn't the only state fighting for the 10,000 jobs that come with this project. According to a spokesperson for Utah's governor's office, their state is also on standby.

"Senior Boeing officials this afternoon did reach out to Gov. Herbert in the state of Utah with preliminary discussion," said Michael Sullivan.

"I wouldn't take any rumors seriously, things don't turn on a dime like that, especially with a company the size of Boeing," said Gov. Haley when asked about Utah's talks with Boeing.

With the size of Boeing, Gov. Haley can't deny the 777-x could benefit South Carolina, but she made one thing very clear.

"Naturally I want jobs, I want lots of jobs," said Gov. Haley. "But, everybody has a business plan and what I want to make sure of is that South Carolina has a long term business plan with Boeing and that we are long term partners."

Gov. Haley says she has not put together an incentives plan for the Boeing 777-x project. They are waiting to see what Boeing wants from South Carolina and will go from there.

"What I don't want to do is be harassing to them. What I do want to do is be very supportive of them," said Gov. Haley.

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