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Houston Co. man charged with stalking 18 women


A Houston County man is accused of stalking more than a dozen women for months and some even years. The sheriff's office says he was able to avoid authorities because of what he used to harass the women.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes says they began the investigation April, but some of the victims have identified the man's voice as being the person who has been stalking them since as early as 2007.

Hughes says 50-year-old Philip McCardle would call women at their home and work. Authorities say what made it difficult to locate him is that he used a pre-paid cell phone. So there was not an easy way to track him.

Hughes says the months and years of stalking was terrifying for the victims. We're told McCardle would allegedly call the women and during the conversation would accurately tell them what type of shoes they had on and what else he would say to the women, according to Hughes, is too explicit for television. Sheriff Hughes says with such difficulty tracking pre-paid phones, he believes laws need to be changed.

"People need privacy. You should be able to get a telephone if you act within the law and no one knows about it and knows what the number is; I agree with that," Hughes said. "When a law is being broken there should be some information, somewhere a repository where we can go pull that information out and know who is using that particular telephone, and that would go for a lot of crimes."

Mccardle remains in the Houston County Jail on a $750,000 bond. He is charged with one count of felony stalking and one count of possession of a short barrel shotgun. This is just the beginning and the sheriff says more charges are forthcoming. Hughes says they are still investigating and looking for a pattern but have not been able to pinpoint what these victims had in common, if anything.

There are possibly more victims out there. If you believe you were stalked by this individual or have had suspicious phone calls, call the Houston County Sheriff's Office.

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