Homeowners unhappy with SCDOT's vision for a James Island intersection

Homeowners unhappy with SCDOT's vision for a James Island intersection

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Transportation has a vision for this intersection of Camp Road and Riverland Drive. It wants to take it construct a roundabout in place of the T-intersection.

"It also is like a traffic-calming device," explains Rick Day, who is involved in the design of the roundabout.  "It slows traffic down when people go through that roundabout."

However, at Thursday's public meeting, many residents weren't satisfied with the plan. Tom Garrick owns one of the two homes that is in the path of construction.

"My master bedroom is going to be a car length away from the new right-of-way. I would like to see some kind of sound barrier, some safety barrier."

The DOT says it will take a look at every comment left Thursday and use the feedback to complete the project's preliminary design. Homeowner and father of two, Thomas Rehm, says he's worried about the safety of his kids during and after construction.

"All this wooded buffer right here, which we own, the HOA owns all this property, so I would like to know how they're going to pay for that as well, they're just going to take all that, mow it down and put a new road in."

But Sam Nassar, who recently bought a home along Riverland Drive, says the roundabout would be a good move.

"I think a roundabout doesn't make any more noise for the people that live around it. I think it slows people down, keeps traffic going and doesn't let them speed too much."

Garrick says he can appreciate the safety argument, but he says unless a barrier of some kind is put up, he can't get behind the plan.

"This has been my plan in my life to have this house when I retire and move into it, and I would like to do that. I certainly don't want cars 15 feet from my bedroom window."

Construction would begin next winter.