Report: Man spotted having seizure, huffing compressed air

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A West Ashley man was arrested Thursday night after a neighbor observed him having a seizure in an apartment complex parking lot, getting up, and inhaling air from a Dust-Off can, according to Charleston police.

Officers say a witness spotted 43-year-old Jonathan David Hancock get out of his car at an apartment complex on River Front Drive around 11 p.m. and immediately fall to the ground. The suspect began convulsing before later re-gaining consciousness.

After helping the suspect get up, the witness told police he saw a cylinder-shaped can in Hancock's hand, which he was inhaling from as he walked to his apartment. Police were then called to the scene.

According to an incident report, officers knocked on the suspect's door for several minutes, during which time they could the sound of compressed air being sprayed in spurts and a person exhaling.

Police say Hancock later answered the door "completely naked in a bewildered state, and distant stare."

The report states the suspect was slow to respond to simple questions and had very small pupil dilation in both eyes. A can of Dust-Off could be seen inside his apartment, and officers later found a completely empty can of the spray inside Hancock's car.

Officers say Hancock was arrested and charged with consumption of aromatic hydro carbons. He was taken a hospital for evaluation and then booked at the Charleston County Detention Center.

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