Woman, 83, marries for the first time

Woman, 83, marries for the first time

(CBC/CNN) - A Canadian woman is living proof it's never too late for love.

Carol Harris, of Saint John, New Brunswick, got married last weekend for the very first time, at the tender age of 83.

The groom, George Raynes, is a childhood friend and is also 83-years-old.

They both shared their first kiss in 1939, when he played a prince in a school production of Beauty and the Beast.

Harris is still getting used to the wedding band on her finger.

"However I always felt that I'd like to be married, up until last April. And last April, I finally gave up. I said, 'this is ridiculous,'" she said.

And then, within weeks, Raynes showed up.

And they can't keep those hands off each other.

"What it's like to be married at 18 or 20. It's exciting. A lot of fun," he said.

Raynes and Harris grew up together starting from grade one.

In high school, they both washed dishes in the school cafeteria.

After graduation, Raynes moved to Ontario, got married, and raised three boys.

Then his wife of 61 years passed away.

"It has a terrible effect on you, when you're used to having a companion. It's really, really hard to do without it," he said.

As a widower, Raynes made a trip to New Brunswick this year, and reunited with Harris.

They grew fond of each other, all over again. Soon, he popped the question.

"Yes," Harris said. "Well, that was my answer."

The ceremony was packed.

Raynes said Harris is hugely popular, a long-time retired school teacher, choir leader and church organist, she has no shortage of friends, he said.

Harris's cousin, Leslie Howard, gave the bride away. Harris's choir also chimed in.

"They were here, ok, they were singing in the service. When I said, I do. They said, spontaneously, we do too," Howard said.

Harris said she plans to enjoy every minute of married life. Each day is a gift, she said.

"There's somebody in the house. There's somebody who comes and says, oh here you are. I'm happy that you're back. It's altogether different coming into a house and this has made a house, a home," she said.

The couple got married on Saturday at the Lancaster Baptist Church in Saint John.

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