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Charleston Police Department shares tips to keep your great buys safe on Black Friday


Tanger Outlets calm Wednesday, but on Thursday the madness will begin.

"I'm terrified of Black Friday so I'm definitely coming on the day before Thanksgiving instead of the day after because I'm scared of those crowds," says shopper Zephylia Nassar

But, those crowds are exactly what shoplifters are drawn to.

"It helps criminals blend in because there are more folks for them to pick from and they can follow someone for a little while before letting their guard down," explains Sergeant Trevor Shelor with the Charleston Police Department

Charleston Police officers say you shouldn't carry around more than a couple of credit cards or a lot of cash and leave your social security card at home. Also, they say it's a good idea to put shopping bags in your trunk periodically so that you are only carrying a few at time.

"When you've got all those bags is when you have to put one down, kids have to go to the bathroom, or it's time to get something to eat, and you've got all these bags to keep up with, and you're not going to miss it if somebody swipes one or two," says Shelor.

Shelor says if you see a shoplifter do not approach them. Instead, find a manager, sales associate or police officer.

"There will be a lot of police out this weekend and for the remainder of the season. We've got you covered."

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