Deputies search for woman mistakenly released from Berkeley jail

Berkeley County deputies are searching for a woman mistakenly released from jail Wednesday. Capt. Rick Ollic said 27-year-old Neely Blanchard was released after a bail revocation order wasn't posted to her file.

Blanchard was arrested in May for taking her four-year-old daughter from school. Blanchard doesn't have custody of the child, and she was charged with custodial interference. She also faced a drug possession charge.

Ollic said Blanchard posted $75,000 bail and was free for some time, but her bail was revoked at a Nov. 18 hearing.

When she was recently picked up on a charge of filing a police report, she again made bail. But, Ollic said, the revocation order should have prevented her release.

The order wasn't in her file, though. Ollic said the sheriff's office is investigating why the order wasn't in her file.

In the meantime, deputies are following all leads to try to find Blanchard.       Copyright 2013 WCSC. All rights reserved.