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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Tyzhan Leatherwood from Platt High School

Platt High School completed their season undefeated going 11-0. Junior running back Tyzhan Leatherwood has been rolling for the Panthers. Leatherwood was a force all year in the back of the offense and he also broke the school record for most rushing yards in a single game. Leatherwood shared his thoughts about how he's not alone with his success and he reflected on the season.

Being the only undefeated team in the Class L Tournament was that one of the goals for the team?

TL: It was a goal for our team, we wanted to go undefeated and we wanted to make it this far. We wanted to play in the playoffs and we always had this goal to make it far this season.

A couple of weeks ago you broke the school record for most rushing yards in a single game and you have been rolling since, was that a confidence booster for you?

TL: I'm not worried too much about breaking records, I just want to win playoffs. All these records and stuff people are talking about doesn't really matter to me. I just do what my team needs me to do.

Have you started to think about college football yet?

TL: I think about playing football in college but it's still up in the air for grabs what college I want to go too. Otherwise, I'm just focusing on right now and being successful in the state tournament.

Are you a captain this year?

TL: I'm not really a captain despite I'm only a junior, I'm a player. I do what the rest of my team needs me to do.

Platt came up short last year in the playoffs losing to Daniel Hand, what are some the things you are doing to prepare for North Haven?

TL: We're just prepared to go into a very physical game. You know, just to be ready to play and ready to hit. We need to just do what we need to do to win.

North Haven has a lot of options on the offensive end, what are some of keys on the defensive end that are being stressed in practice?

TL: We're going to play like we always do and we need to stay physical. When we are on defense, we need to give them the best look on defense that we can. Honestly, we need to stay physical and keep the intensity on the defensive end.

What is the biggest difference you see in the team from last year?

TL: Our senior class is different and we are much more focused. We have a better stride and drive to win.

What are some challenges you might face in the state tournament this year?

TL: Honestly, I don't think there should be a challenge for us. Our team is actually good enough to play through anything.

Last time we spoke after the Bloomfield game this year, you praised your line and talked about how good they were for you and the team, how important were they for the team's success this year?

TL: They have been really great, just having a good line that actually block for me is great. Our left tackle, Erlin Colon, being an all-state left tackle, it shows we have a good lineman. Our center Michael Barnett, and our two guards they have been doing really well for us. Even though he's down, Toledo Sharp, just having them out there and supporting me and helping me out, I couldn't really ask for too much more. On top of that Jason Nelson, Cyrick Watford has been great for us and our tight end Scott Dargan just been great on that line.

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