SCE&G agrees bill-adjusting program should end

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - Energy provider SCE&G agrees with a state agency that its complicated bill-adjusting program should end.
The Electric Weather Normalization Adjustment was designed in 2010 to protect customers against spikes in their bills during extreme weather.
But the agency that represents the public in utility issues said last month it's so complicated, only SCE&G can determine if customers are being correctly charged.
In a joint petition filed last week, SCE&G agreed with the Office of Regulatory Staff's recommendation. The petition calls for adjustments to stop with December's bills.
SCE&G is also seeking permission to spend up to $300,000 to promote its budget billing program, which averages customers' costs over a year.
The Public Service Commission has the final say. It is expected to meet on the issue in the coming weeks.

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