Frustration builds as the City of Hanahan and BCSD debate site of new elementary school

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - A few heated moments as the City of Hanahan considers where to build a new elementary school. The Berkeley County School District selected a site in the Tanner Plantation and Foster Creek Road Area.

"They've done their research," says mother of two Jennifer Gossett. "There really is nowhere else for the school to be in. We really need it to be built."

However, city officials disagree. They're weighing a few other options.

"Do we build on Bowen," asks city administrator John Cribb. "Do we build on CWS? Do we build on Williams Lane? All of these different options that are out there."

The school district's chosen site would need to be re-zoned from multi-family to commercial. School officials say the need for a new elementary school is tremendous. They say Hanahan Elementary is bursting at the seams.

"Other schools are overcrowded, and we have to travel basically out of the Hanahan area for some kids to go to school in the Goose Creek zones or all the way across to Hanahan Elementary," explains Gossett.

And, while no one debates that overcrowding is an issue, parents and residents are torn over which location would be best.

"I'm going to say I go with the Bowen site. I would love to see that done. I would love to see my little 4-year-old that will be entering Kindergarten soon not have to be put into Goose Creek Primary because that's where I'm zoned, ripped out the following year, then put in the Tanner school."

"There's so much learning that takes place outside of the school that I think rushing to a decision to get it done faster and later on looking back saying I don't know about this. There could be better options."

Next Tuesday, the city will review the district's re-zoning request. If it isn't approved the project will be delayed indefinitely.

In last November's school referendum, 60 percent of voters in Hanahan approved of a school in the Tanner Plantation area.