Police: Majority of Mt. Pleasant car break-ins involve unlocked doors

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Police Department is urging residents to lock their car doors after a rash of car break-ins involving unlocked doors.

According to police, 76 vehicles were broken into in the month of October, while another 76 vehicles had been victimized in November.

Investigators say a vast majority of the incidents involved unsecured doors.

Police released the following statement on Wednesday regarding the car break-ins:

We Need Your Help Mount Pleasant!

Our Community is being inundated by vehicle break-ins. We are finding that the majority of the time, these are crimes of opportunity for criminals because so often our residents leave valuables in their cars and then leave them unsecured. In the month of October, 76 vehicles were broken into. Of those, 88% had been left unsecured by the owner. In November, another 76 had been victimized and 83% of those had been left unsecured. Prevention is the key to impacting these crimes. Especially with the holiday season upon us we are asking for our residents to please take a moment to ensure you are locking your vehicle and removing those valuables. It is important to lock your car whether it is parked in your driveway at night or parked in a parking lot during the day while you are at work or shopping. 

There are simple ways to help prevent being the victim of a vehicle break in: 

- First of all, lock your doors and close your windows.
- Don't leave a spare key in the vehicle.
- Don't leave valuables in plain view. This could be anything as simple as loose change, sunglasses, a GPS, or an iPod. 
- Document all serial numbers or identifiers of your electronics.
- Park in garages or a well-lit areas.
- Finally, BE ALERT! If you spot suspicious activity in your community or hear something unusual at night, call us. (843) 743 7200 or 911

The vehicle broken into today may be someone else's, but tomorrow it could be yours!