Loved ones remember father murdered over the weekend as community leaders call for action

Loved ones remember father murdered over the weekend as community leaders call for action

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Cedric James' mother says she's in disbelief.

"I love my baby, and I'm really going to miss him."

The 31-year-old father was murdered over the weekend. His body was found near a dumpster in the area of Dorsey and Dorchester Roads Sunday night.

"I actually had to go to where the dumpster was and take a picture to look at it to be like is this really the last thing that he saw before he took his last breath," says James' aunt Cynthia Major.

"I couldn't believe it," says his sister Danielle Major. "Not my brother. Not my brother. That's all I could think of was just not him."

James' mother, father, siblings and friends held a vigil at Riverfront Park. As family and friends lit their candles, they remembered James in some way. His family says he was a light-hearted man and a wonderful father.

"Cedric was a loving man," says Danielle. "All he did was laugh and joke around, and all he talked about was his kids and just wanted to have fun and live life."

Just a few minutes away, activists, legislators, and law enforcement met to come up with a plan to tackle the kind of violence that took James' life.

"We work in a retroactive society," explains Pastor Thomas Dixon, a community activist. "We get involved and excited in everything when something happens instead of being proactive, trying to prevent these things from happening ahead of time."

Dixon says he wants to implement some kind of action this month.

"Pinpoint two or three that we can accomplish within the next week or two, within the community, boots on the ground. This is not a wish list."

He says before the next legislative session begins in January, he and others will discuss some degree of gun control with lawmakers

"We're not against people owning guns lawfully. What we're against are the people that are carrying around guns that they have not acquired lawfully. That's the problem."

Twenty-seven-year olds Destil Cordew and Michael Ferguson were arrested Monday and charged with murder.