Man fined for spitting on sidewalk

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE/CNN) - A man was ticketed for breaking a law he didn't know existed, and he'll have to pay a substantial fine.

Most of the sidewalks near Dinkytown are now covered in snow. But that doesn't erase the bad taste left in Myles Thomas' mouth.

"I was walking to get some pizza with some buddies, and I was walking down the street," Thomas said.

Thomas says he spit as he was walking which, he quickly learned, is illegal in Minneapolis.

"I actually was shocked I was like wow, you know?" he said.

Police officers cited him for spitting, which carries a hefty fine. According to the ordinance, if you spit on sidewalks, buses or public areas, it's a $115 misdemeanor.

The law isn't unique to Minneapolis. St. Paul has a similar one, too. Spitting on the floor or furnishing of a boat, canoe, building or walkway, is illegal too. If you're caught doing that, it will also cost you $115.

"It's a little wacky. I mean, what can you do, though? It is a law," Thomas said. "You're supposed to obey the laws of the land."

Thomas is sucking it up and says he'll pay the fine.

"For spitting, I guess I'll just have to bring a bag or something and spit in a bag," he said.

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