Report: Relative steals brooch from body in casket during Upstate viewing

(Photo: WYFF)
(Photo: WYFF)

UNION COUNTY, SC (WYFF) - A Union County woman was arrested after family members said she stole a brooch from her deceased relative during a viewing, according to reports from the Union County Sheriff's Office.

A booking report says Tammy Renee Lloyd, 46, is charged with larceny.

According to an incident report, a woman was having a viewing for her deceased mother at her home on Dec. 6 when Lloyd showed up uninvited.

The woman said since Lloyd was a distant relative by marriage she allowed her to stay.

Another family member said Lloyd asked her to "be her lookout while she took the brooch," but the woman told Lloyd no and walked on the other side of the room.

The family member said while on the other side of the room she saw Lloyd put her hand underneath the protective covering on the casket and into the casket itself.

According to the family member, when she went back and looked in the casket, the brooch was missing.

The family member said Lloyd later admitted to taking the brooch for her brother.

The family said they didn't immediately report the theft because they were giving Lloyd a chance to return it.

The brooch was valued at $30, according to the incident report.

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