Plan for new Hanahan elementary school comes to halt after city council rejects rezoning request

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Plans for a new elementary school in Hanahan have come to a halt following a unanimous vote in city council not to move forward with a site in the Tanner Plantation area near Bowen Pier Drive. City council voted 7-to-0 against the Berkeley County School District's rezoning request. The unanimous vote came after hours of discussion during the day and Tuesday night's public hearing.

Earlier Tuesday city officials and officials with the Berkeley County School District met to review the Bowen site and address some concerns the city had. Both sides agreed great progress was made, but the public raised concerns Tuesday night about traffic and congestion on Tanner Ford Boulevard and Foster Creek Road. Residents urged the council not to make a hasty decision. Deputy superintendent Archie Franchini says the school district is very disappointed. They researched the Bowen site for several months.

"We are very disappointed in the decision tonight, but we understand council has their job to do as well in representing the people. So, we will do our best to move forward to find a site that will work best for everyone."

In last November's school referendum, 60 percent of voters in Hanahan approved of a school in the Tanner Plantation area.