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Woman, dogs found dead; Search documents released

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The search documents have been released in the murder of a 65-year old southwest Tucson woman.

Linda Daley and her two dogs were found dead in her home on Pueblo Vista Blvd. near Starr Pass and Cholla High School.

A neighbor who was paying Daley a visit went inside when no one came to the door and discovered the crime scene, on November 21st 2013.

Search documents reveal that police searched two homes in this case. 

The murder horrified friends of Linda Daley.  Jon Friedman, the owner of  the Wild Bird Store knew Daley for 25 years.  He described her as a free-spirited woman who loved nature.  Daley made bird houses and sold them at Friedman's business. 

"Since she died people have been coming in her buying her bird cages, people are even calling after hearing about her murder and buying them sight unseen," said Friedman.  He had only five of Daley's handcrafted bird houses remaining.

Search warrants revealed what police found in Daley's home on the day of her murder.  Police seized a baseball bat, handgun, knife, prescription medications, bloody bedding and/or pillows, and two deceased dogs (they were turned over to animal control).

"My heart just sank.  She's a friend. A business associate," said Friedman, horrified to hear about the way Daley had died.

Court documents reveal that police searched a second home and a car on the day that Daley's body was discovered.  At the home and vehicle belonging to the woman, who's name we are not disclosing at this time because she is not charged with any crime linking her to Daley's murder, police obtained her DNA swabs and full latent fingerprints. 

Search documents also list bloody clothing and bloody articles, firearms, ammunition, and knives.  Court documents reveal police believe the crime was committed on November 21st between 10 PM and 6 AM the next day.

Friends said Daley had stage four cancer and that she did not have long to live.  They describe her as full of life, but very frail.  Daley's terminally ill life violently cut short, but a motive, still unknown.

"If they catch the person that did this, whatever the courts of law allow, even death penalty, they should go for it, I won't object," said Friedman.

The unidentified woman whom police collected DNA swabs from is in jail tonight, charged with another crime.  She is accused of violating her parole for an aggravated assault committed in 2008.  Court documents state she stabbed the father of her child in the chest, causing him to have a collapsed lung. 

Court documents also state the woman has a history of mental illness. She reported having auditory and visual hallucinations and was diagnosed with Bipolar mood disorder, delusions, and Schizoaffective Disorder.

We reached out to Tucson Police who said, "We are currently investigating her involvement in the Linda Daley murder.  She has not been labeled as a suspect, nor has she been ruled out."

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