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Friday Night Football Q&Adrian with Bobby Drysdale from Brookfield High School

Only a sophomore, running back for Brookfield High School, Bobby Drysdale has the opportunity to be part of something really special. The Bobcats are close to finishing an amazing playoff slate for the 2013 Class M title against St. Joseph on Saturday. Brookfield first encountered conference rivals, Bethel, in the quarter finals for a rematch game defeating Bethel 22-21. Then the Bobcats had another test against the number 1 seed, Valley Regional /Old Lyme High School for the semifinal game. Brookfield shocked the state by defeating the number 1 seed to reserve their spot in the Class M state championship game. Drysdale has been the force in the back for the Bobcats and looks forward to complete this amazing run for a state title.


Your team has put together an amazing playoff run so far this year, how does it feel to be in the Class M championship?

Bobby Drysdale: It feels pretty great, it's my first year playing varsity, and I know most of the guys and it's there first time too. We're excited to play and we hope we can pull through the win.

With such little time to prepare for the next game, what do you know about your opponents St. Joseph?

BD:They are obviously a good team to make it this far. We watch film and I have a lot of respect for those guys. They definitely have experience playing against good teams like New Canaan and obviously you got to be good to make it to the state championship. It's going to be a tough game. So we are going to prepare. If we play our game and they play their game, it's going to be a good game

What has been the main focus in practice so far?

BD:Well, the big thing is defense. They put up 146 points in the first two playoff games, so they have a high powered offense. So we are have to play good defense and play football, that's all it is now, just football.

Let's talk about your teams amazing run, first defeating Bethel in a close game in the quarter finals for the rematch, and then upsetting number 1 seed Valley Regional/ Old Lyme.

BD:First off, that was great, getting that rematch against Bethel. We all felt we didn't play our best game in the first game, but it felt good to be able to get another shot at them. About the upset, it always great to get an upset, they came in number 1, undefeated, and only giving up 7 points a game, and we just went out there and did our thing to come through for the win.

To close out the semi-final game against Valley Regional/Old Lyme, Brad Westmark made an amazing interception to seal the last possession for the game, how was the feeling that play ensured your spot in the final?

BD:That last interception was great, my coach put in Brad on defense because he is very athletic and he came up with the ball, it felt great after the interception to be able to take a knee and finish out the game.

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