Multi-million dollar Gaillard Center receives a personal touch

Gaillard beam signing


Patrons of King Street's Third Sunday festivities were given a rare chance to write their names into history.

A beam from the new multi-million dollar Gaillard Performance Center was on display, with onlookers given the opportunity to sign their names into the building's foundation.
Many jumped at the chance.

"I've never done something that's going to be in history, and so I just thought it's be really cool to sign it," said 11-year-old Jasper Hawkins.  Hawkins performed several times in the former Gaillard Auditorium.

Foundation Director Doerte McManus said it is traditional in construction to commemorate the setting of the highest beam.  The center isn't scheduled to be complete until the end of 2014, but the signed beam is expected to go up next month.

"When I grow up, I definitely want to bring my children to the Gaillard and say I wrote my name on one of the beams here," Hawkins added.

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