Downtown man accused of making meth on roof of CofC building

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a 25-year-old man accused of producing meth on the roof of a College of Charleston building in downtown.

Agents with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division arrested Justin Allan Paulus on Monday and charged him with manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine.

Paulus' arrest stems from an incident on Nov. 27 when firefighters, police and College of Charleston Public Safety officers were called out to the George Street Apartments after 1 a.m.

Mike Robertson, a spokesman for CofC, says an employee at the CVS on the corner of George and St. Phillip streets called the college about a liquid leaking into the store. The college was notified as the pharmacy is located beneath the George Street Apartments.

When police responded to the rooftop of 55 George Street they discovered items used to make meth. Investigators say in addition to the meth components found, officers also found personnel items, syringes, a sleeping bag, a guitar with a case and mail addressed to Paulus.

An affidavit states the following day, College of Charleston Public Safety officers, while on patrol, conducted a property search of 55 George Street.

According to authorities, officers saw Paulus standing on the roof where the meth ingredients were found. Paulus was arrested by CofC Public Safety officers for trespassing.

Court records state a search of Paulus yielded matches, syringes and a spoon with a methamphetamine residue. When officers asked what he was doing on the roof, Paulus said he was looking for his sleeping bag and guitar, both of which police say were found in the area of the meth lab that was discovered the day before.

Additionally, authorities say they obtained surveillance footage of Paulus buying pseudoephedrine, an ingredient for meth, at a nearby CVS pharmacy.

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