$636 million jackpot is second largest in Mega Millions history

$636 million jackpot is second largest in Mega Millions history

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - No method to the madness, no rhyme or reason to play except one.

"Winning ticket. Hopefully, this is the one."

"I haven't played in awhile, but the last winning came from Lexington, and that's where I'm from. So, it kind of inspired me to come out and grab one today."

The V Go gas station on Savannah Highway was packed Tuesday. As of 5-o'clock it had sold 18,000 tickets, 400 of those to just one customer. Since Friday the jackpot climbed $106 million.

"The lottery is a joke, and winning is a joke. I just do it for the heck of it. And, if you win? My wife will be awful happy."

While most people know you're more likely to be struck by lightning then win the lottery some say you never know when luck will strike. And, some have big plans for a big win.

"Buy me a brand new house, put my two kids through college, help everybody who needs help."

"There are a lot of people that I know of that can use, get them out of debt, get them a Christmas, help out the homeless, look out for the vets. That's my dream."

The winning number's for Tuesday night's drawing were  8-20-14-17-39 and the Mega Ball is 7.