Wifi to Gigafi! First gigabit community in SC in the Lowcountry

Wifi to Gigafi! First gigabit community in SC in the Lowcountry

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville is now home to the first gigabit community in the state with Internet speeds 100 times faster than your average wifi.

As South Carolina's first gigabit community, developers say Nexton will give businesses, homes and offices a technical edge.

"The technology will allow for us to have the infrastructure to attract technology businesses to the Lowcountry," says Kenneth Seeger, president of MeadWestvaco Corporation.

It's a fiber-to-the-home technology that will allow the Internet to run at speeds of one gigabit per second or faster. On Wednesday, Home Telecom announced its "Gigafi" partnership with the Nexton community.

"Gigabit Internet speed which means you can download and upload videos and files 100 times faster than you can do today," explains Gina Austin, director of marketing for Home Telecom.

Nexton is off of exit 199 on Interstate 26. Developers began coming up with the layout in 2011. In January, the first tenants will move into the office building. The South Carolina Research Authority will move in this summer.

Home telecom says it's working on the various packages they will offer. Austin says accessibility is priority.

"We want people using the gigabit services. Today, they're so many communities in other states that have announced gigabit services; however, they've priced it at point to where customers can't afford it. Here we want customers to be using the gigabit services."

The projected timeline for developing the 4500 acres is roughly 20 to 25 years. In the end, Nexton will be worth $1 billion.