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CCSD: Elementary school teachers stop school bus from crashing into ditch

(Photo: CCSD) (Photo: CCSD)

Charleston County School District officials say two Pinckney Elementary School teachers sprang into action by stopping a school bus from crashing into a ditch.

According to school officials, the incident started when a school bus drove through a stop sign as it was making a turn.

Video released by the district shows the momentum of the turn pushes the driver out of his seat.

School officials say a sign language interpreter then grabbed the steering wheel as a fourth grade teacher slammed the brakes stopping the school bus from crashing into a ditch.

CCSD officials say no one was injured, and the bus driver is no longer working for the district.

The district released the following statement on Thursday:

"We want to recognize two heroes among us. Amy Ryan and Lee Morris, CCSD staff members from Pinckney Elementary School, acted with bravery and composure, and remained calm in order to bring a school bus to a stop after the driver became momentarily unresponsive. After reviewing the video tapes from the bus, Durham notified CCSD that their actions, without a doubt, prevented serious injuries to passengers. While we cannot speak for the families of the students on board, we can say that these actions were heroic and we personally thank these amazing CCSD employees."

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