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Dallas woman has purse stolen as she drops off child at daycare

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A Dallas woman is now struggling to feed her family of four and give them a proper Christmas after someone stole her purse from her car while she ran inside a daycare to drop her daughter off.

Melissa Lynch wishes she could start Wednesday all over again.

The day started normally enough when she dropped her daughter off at the cline learning center in Gaston County, but her terrible mistake?

She left her purse in the car and her car door unlocked.

Inside her purse was Christmas money, an iPad, even debit and EBT cards.

They're all gone now, leaving the mother distraught just days before Christmas.

The cards can't be replaced for another 7 to 10 business days.

"It's hard being unemployed and trying to scrape up money and it be taken away from you. Items that you work hard for get taken away from you," said Lynch.

Gaston County and Dallas Police have seen several auto burglary cases in the past couple of days, all with the owners leaving their doors unlocked.

Cops recommend hiding valuables such as purse and briefcases, even hide charging cables for your electronics, but the number one theft deterrent is locking your car.

"It's the holidays. You have to be more vigilant," said Dallas Police Chief Gary Buckner.

"Thieves walk up, see something laying in the seats, they try the door and it's unlocked, they're in and out in seconds and virtually leave no fingerprints," he continued.

As for Lynch, she remains optimistic through it all.

"We'll still have a good Christmas. My kids say at least we still have each other and that's what the meaning is," said Lynch.

She hopes someone can learn from her story.

Dallas Police say they don't have any suspects in the car break-in cases.

If you have any tips in these cases you are asked to call the Gaston County Crime Stoppers.

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