Dealer reports armed robbery following drug deal setup

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - A man has filed a police report after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint while in the process of selling 27 grams of marijuana, according to the Hanahan Police Department.

Police responded to Park Place Apartments on Murray Drive Thursday around 6 p.m. in reference to an armed robbery.

An incident report states the unidentified man and a friend told officers they received a call from a person named "Cedric", who asked them to come to the apartment complex and to bring 27 grams of marijuana to sell.

While waiting to complete the transaction, the self-proclaimed dealer said him and his accomplice were smoking marijuana with a man they only knew as "Jamie". That is when they were approached from behind by a gunman.

The report states the suspect demanded the marijuana, along with everything else the two men had in their pockets. After taking the items, the suspect and "Jamie" left together.

The two men told police they think they were set up by "Cedric" because he knew they had money and drugs.

Hanahan police say the two robbed men have not been charged.

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