Brother and sister recovering after life-saving bone marrow transplant

When WIS first introduced you to Jayden Watts and his younger sister Caroline in November, they were preparing for a big Christmas.

Jayden has leukemia, and was depending on his sister for a bone marrow transplant.

"It was very tough on us but the doctors told us the recovery time on it was very short for her, but just her having to go through it is real tough," said Joseph Watts.

Two days after the transplant, Chelsea Watts told us by phone, that appears to be true.

"Today, she's running around being her normal self," Chelsea said. "Jayden, he's been pretty sick."

Chelsea said she's been told that's to be expected, but it doesn't make things much easier.

"When he was first diagnosed he threw up a couple of times, but was never really that sick," Chelsea said. "Now he's sick every day and is just not feeling well, so it's a lot different than in the past."

The important thing, Chelsea said, is that both kids are OK.

She says Caroline actually did better than expected.

"They were surprised how much bone marrow they got from a 3-year old, and that all of her cells were healthy cells, and that she helped Jayden out a lot," Chelsea said. 

Now Jayden faces a 6 month recovery.

The family will be in and out of Charleston dozens of times before Jayden is cleared. Their progress can be tracked on his facebook page.

Chelsea said the support the family has found there has made all the difference.

"You definitely need support going through a time like this, if you didn't have anybody it'd be a lot more depressing," Chelsea said. "Thoughts and prayers, having someone to talk to definitely makes it easier. We'll be fine in the end, hopefully. As long as Jayden's OK we'll be OK."

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