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Despite holiday, road crews working to clear icy side streets

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While road crews have cleared nearly every major road since last weekend's storm, many Kansas City residents are still dealing with ice and snow packed side streets.

It is a dangerous battle as cars try to get up and down hilly, slick streets across the metro, but help is on the way.

East side resident Mark Robinson says it is a problem that seems to get worse every year.

"A lot of these hillside streets, they don't touch them at all ... cars slide all the time - surprised there hasn't been a fatal accident over here yet," he said.

And Robinson is right. A hill near East 16th Street and Belmont Avenue is un-drivable, and residents say it is a dangerous situation.

"It's hard to really get out of this area ... there are hills everywhere," Robinson said.

It has become so bad, that one local resident has tried to tweet Kansas City Mayor Sly James over the problem, saying, "@MayorSlyJames mayor, our street has not been plowed or salted and we live on a dangerous hill in East kc."

The city says crews are all over the area trying to melt the slick spots.

"Temperatures are pretty low right now so it's a hard time for us to get the equipment to dig down further into the ice, it's pretty solid," said Sherri McIntyre, director of the Kansas City Public Works Department.

Most crews are now back working eight-hour shifts from the emergency 12-hour shifts and are working to clear side streets that are still in bad shape.

"Where we can, the large dump trucks can get down to the heaviest pavement issues, but they can't always fit in residential areas with cars parked on both sides. But we continue to monitor the situation and send out trucks where we need them to go," McIntyre said.

Still, drivers like Allen Lee think it might be some time before he is able to get back up a nearby hill and get home.

"You have to kind of plan your travel route, or you're not going to get where you're going because you can get stuck awful easy," he said.

The city urges residents to call their 311 Action Center and let them know of any dangerous areas that still haven't been hit.

The city adds they began clearing side streets at 6 a.m. Sunday, and it just takes time to get to all of them.

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