Lowcountry Christmas celebration helps thousands

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many families stayed warm Christmas night thanks to the kindness of several local organizations.

Thousands of people came out to Johnson Hagood Stadium in downtown Charleston for the 3rd annual event, Christmas at the Citadel Stadium.

Local churches and businesses worked together bringing Christmas joy to thousands of people.

Three thousand hot meals were also served during the event.

George Jager said, "We're here just to love on our brothers and sisters who just need to hear a word of encouragement, some hope."

Without Walls Ministry, a local non-profit organization joined forces with many businesses and churches raising money to make the event happen.

Turkey and pie were among the highlights on the menu. Grocery items like cereal and snacks were also provided.

Some of the most popular of the free gifts were bicycles. 500 were given to children at the event.

"We got some blessings, thank God for that and hopefully we'll get her a bicycle," said Elaine Alameda. She attended the event with her family.

Ruby Bryant also attended the celebration and said, "I have just received a drum set for my grandson and also he's going to receive a bicycle."

Thousands also walked away new shoes, socks, along with warm coats and blankets.

If someone needed a haircut, they were able to get one right at the stadium.

Jager said, "In this country there's a lot of need and we really don't know how blessed we are in this country. We need to share ourselves with our brothers and sisters who are in need."

The day of giving didn't stop with just presents and food. Free medical and dental screenings were also provided at the stadium.

Alameda said, "This is not just about getting or receiving, it's about giving and this is about the birth of Christ, Jesus and not just presents for everybody."

Randolf Miller, the host of Bounce Around Charleston also took part in the celebration, praying over the loud speaker.

So in all, the celebration left thousands with full bellies, warm clothes and the Christmas spirit.

The Without Walls Ministry also provides several programs for children and adults. To find out more on what they offer you can visit their website at WithoutWallsMinistry.org.

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