Thieves break into home in Hollywood Christmas Eve, steal gifts from under tree

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - Thieves stole Christmas from a family in Hollywood, breaking into their house and taking every present from under the Christmas tree.

On Christmas Eve, Ashleigh Lambert, her husband and two sons went to see the holiday lights at James Island County Park and then went to dinner.

The family had no idea when they got home that their Christmas celebration would come to a complete halt.

"The front door was locked and the rear door was locked, but then we noticed there were no presents," Lambert said.

The presents that were under the tree were gone.

"When we went into our children's room to check the windows, the window had been busted in."

Lambert says thieves used a brick from her front porch to break the window.

"Their focus was all the gifts that were under the tree, gifts for our parents, our family, our children, for each other. Everything was taken," she said.

Lambert says her six and seven year old sons were devastated.

"For them to see that coming home, I think even more so that they came through their bedroom, it was quite devastating. We were heartbroken for them."

The Lamberts called the Charleston County Sheriff's Office to file a report about the break in.

Ashleigh says the deputy who took the report was determined to give her kids a Christmas.

"The officer that arrived on the scene made arrangements to get gifts for our children that he brought to us Christmas morning, so that they wouldn't go without," she said.

Lambert says friends and family also got gifts for her family.

Now the Lamberts are focusing on finding the people who broke into their house and also broke their hearts during this holiday season.

"Again, it's just stuff and it's stuff that we can replace, but the act. I think the act is what burns us up the most," Lambert said.

She said her kids were given to many gifts after the break in that they decided to donate most of them to kids in need.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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