Rescuer: Horses recovering well after months of starvation

MEGGETT, SC (WCSC) - Nutmeg, Rudolph, and Sugafoot are trotting around their new home.

"When we loaded them that morning, it was difficult for them to lift their hooves high enough to get into the trailer because they were so emaciated and their muscle tone was non-existent," says horse rescuer, Elizabeth Steed.

That morning was less than three weeks ago. Steed, who is the founder of Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network or LEARN, arrived at the property off of Folly Road the day before. She says she found the horses starved and near death. Now, they are fed a variety of hay and feed several times a day

"This has just been a slow process to get their internal organs working properly and to make sure that we can get them functioning."

Steed expects adoption will be difficult since the horses have had little positive human interaction. She says they see us as a threat.

"By the end of the year, next year, I hope we see them with little children riding on them in fabulous homes with people who care about them."

For now, Steed and her husband are handling all the costs of their care.

"I can't a price on that. I can't say well we can't do this because we can't afford it. We're just going to have to find the funds."