Cops: Assault suspect injured after victim smashes bottle on his head

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston investigators say a 20-year-old Greenville man who threw a bottle at a man's head at a downtown bar was sent to the hospital after the victim smashed a beer bottle on his head.

The Charleston Police Department charged 20-year-old Legrand Rodgers Sherman with second-degree assault and battery.

At 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, a police officer saw a man, later identified as Sherman, running out of O'Malley's on 549 King St.  A few seconds later, the officer saw the 28-year-old victim, who was bleeding from his head, leaving the bar.

The victim told the officer that Sherman had injured him. The officer said he ran after Sherman, and when he caught him, he saw blood streaming down Sherman's face.

According to police, when the officer told Sherman to remain in place as he called EMS, Sherman attempted to run away at which time the officer attempted to restrain him.

The officer said a concerned citizen was able to help him control Sherman as he handcuffed him.

A police report states that after Sherman calmed down, he said he was sorry for not stopping for the officer. When the officer asked how Sherman got a cut on his head, Sherman said,"All I know is, I got what I deserved. I had the bottle in my hand and threw it a little and it hit his head."

The victim and a witness said the incident started when Sherman and the victim got into a verbal altercation at O'Malley's. Authorities say the altercation turned physical when Sherman began throwing beer bottles at the victim.

According to police, after the victim was struck in the head, he used a beer bottle to defend himself and struck Sherman on the head.

EMS transported Sherman to the Medical University of South Carolina. Authorities say the victim was not charged.

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