Murder of two mothers draws strong reaction from community activist

Murder of two mothers draws strong reaction from community activist

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The shooting death of two mothers in North Charleston New Year's Day is drawing a powerful reaction from a community activist.

"Anytime that those who are perpetrating crime in this community feel comfortable shooting women, mothers, the community needs to say that's it. We're not going to take it anymore."

On Thursday, the coroner's office identified the victim of the Ventura Drive shooting as 49-year-old Debra Randall Martin and on Niagara Street 52-year-old Janet Royal.

"When it involves women, mothers and we're talking just cold-hearted killing, anybody that's not affected by that or touched by that is a very cold-hearted person in themselves," says community activist Pastor Thomas Dixon.

Dixon says these shootings are a rallying point for the North Charleston community.

"Actual intervention on behalf of the neighbors, people in the community, right along with law enforcement that this is not continue to escalate. Anytime you open up a year like that, you're setting a tone for further violence."

Investigators say the three women were not the intended targets and they say it's not clear if the shootings are related. Dixon says people with any information can't be fearful to come forward.

"We can make whatever excuse we want to about not working along with law enforcement, but I would rather work along with law enforcement than let the crime continue because it's time for us to stop burying our people lie this over senseless violent crime."

Investigators are still trying to identify possible suspects and the motive.