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Community center opens up as warming shelter

Several shelters have opened up extra beds Several shelters have opened up extra beds

(WMC-TV) - The City of Memphis implemented its cold weather policy Sunday. Officials made sure those in need received warmth.

During one of the coldest nights in years, Earl McMullough is doing his best to keep warm.

"It's rough out here, living on the streets," he said. "When it gets cold like this, it's really hard. It's hard to move around, can't just do what you want to. Can't just go and find some place to lay down on the grass. You need to find some place."

Thanks to the City of Memphis, McMullough and anyone else looking to get away from the frigid temps can go to the Orange Mound Community Center.

"This is life saving, we're going to be facing temperatures that might be below zero," said Division of Parks and Neighborhoods division director Joseph Lee. "And any of those instances as an individual you really want to have a warm sheltering opportunity. A warm shelter to escape the cold weather and to certainly protect your body for yourself or family members."

It will open until Tuesday. People can gather at the center for warmth, water, light snacks blankets or jackets, which are all donated by neighbors.

But there are also volunteers out and about, volunteers like men from Highpoint Church.

"I can't imagine. I've been slightly cold this year. I can't imagine trying to sleep through it. It's awful," said Frank Fournier. "And I can't think of something else that we should be doing right now except for taking care of any of the people in the city who have to be out in this."

Volunteers from the Hospitality Hub are gathered downtown planning to visit sites around the city and looking for anyone outside.

Several shelters have opened up extra beds, but the biggest challenge will be Monday during the day.

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