Crisis Ministries shelters open all day Tuesday as cold snap continues

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Anthony Scott says without Crisis Ministries, he and his ten-month-old daughter Amber would be on the streets.

"It's very comforting. It would be comfortable for anybody. A lot of people out there are freezing in that cold and need some help."

That's where Crisis Ministries comes in. The Meeting Street shelter has 135 beds, 84 for men and 51 for women and children.

"It is distressing to think that there might be someone who isn't willing to come in or who might put themselves in danger because they, for whatever reason, aren't willing to come in, says CEO Stacey Denaux."We hope they'll recognize that this is a safe place to be."

Denaux says typically their 135 beds are full. She expects some overflow Monday night.

She says they will set up cots to accommodate everyone that comes in. Denaux says no one will be turned away.

"In severe weather we want people to come as early as they can. It's going to be freezing during the day tomorrow, so certainly our doors will be open."

She says even if some aren't ready for their services or the structure of their program, they have a warm place to go.

"If they're ready to end their experience with homelessness we're here for them. If they're not and they just need a place to land for the evening, we're here for them too."

Scott says it wasn't an easy decision for him.

"Coming here was hard, but it's something I have to do. I mean I have no alternative but to try to seek out help from here."

If you know someone who may need shelter, please call the Crisis Ministries shelter referral line at 843-737-8357.