Homeowners learn tough lesson as frigid temps hang around

Homeowners learn tough lesson as frigid temps hang around

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Business boomed Tuesday for Tamsberg Mechanical.

"Most of the calls started about 6-o'clock this morning with people not having any water," says Jack Frye, a master plumber and owner of Tamsberg Mechanical. "They've got up to get showers and everything and have had no water, and then they finally figure out the temperatures that a pipe has possibly frozen or broken someplace."

Avondale resident Micah Johnson was one of their first calls.

"My wife got up and got into the shower, and I immediately got up because there was no hot water at all. She ended up having to take a cold shower."

In the bed of one of Tamsberg Mechanical's service trucks was Johnson's frozen pipe. He admits that he forgot to do a simple thing last night.

"With it not being this cold normally, we just didn't really think about it. We knew to keep the water dripping and that sort of thing, but it just didn't cross my mind to do it."

Master plumber Jack Frye says a few precautions could save you a bundle. He says a drip will not stop your pipes from freezing. He says you need a light stream. A few other tips:

"The best thing to do is to know where the water shut-off valve is so that if something does happen you can get to it and turn the water off. The other thing would be to make sure that your pipes are insulated. If you have open-piping either on the exterior of the house or underneath the crawl space, that those pipes are insulated."

Johnson says with the work done today, he's well-prepared for the next freeze.

"It was like $550 to get all of it replaced. So, it was not cheap, costly lesson."

Frye says pipes on the outside of your home and those exposed to outside temperatures need to be insulated. He says piping inside the home isn't an issue.