SCE&G: Tuesday was record-breaking day for power usage

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - SCE&G officials say customers set a new record for power usage Tuesday due to extreme cold temperatures.

According to the power company, customers consumed 101,118 megawatt hours of electricity over the 24-hour period, beating the previous mark by 2,333 megawatt hours.

In addition to power usage, Tuesday was also a record-breaking day for low temperatures.

Live 5 Meteorologist Justin Lock says new record lows were set in North Charleston and downtown Charleston Tuesday morning. Temperatures in North Charleston hit 17 degrees, beating the previous record of 22 degrees set in 1959. The morning low hit 20 degrees in downtown, beating the previous record of 21 degrees set 90 years ago.

As power usage rises, so does the cost of electric bills.

SCE&G recommends the following cost saving measures for the winter months:

  • set thermostats to 68°F or lower (each degree higher can significantly increase heating costs)
  • open blinds and shades during the day to let sunshine in
  • check air filters monthly and change when dirty
  • caulk around windows, replace old weather stripping around doors to keep cold air out
  • periodically check your ductwork for leaks or tears and repair as necessary.

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