Animal Control rescues dog left outside in freezing temperatures

Dog left outside in freezing temperatures; Animal Control trying to locate owner

WADMALAW ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - On Thursday, Charleston County Animal Control rescued a dog left outside and alone in this week's extreme cold. With temperatures that have been dropping below freezing, the Charleston Animal Society says they are surprised the dog survived the past few nights.

"This isn't a dog's life," says Aldwin Roman, the manager of the anti-cruelty and outreach division of the Charleston Animal Society. "She's a sweet dog. She could be in a home. She could be curled up next to someone's fire."

Michael Sweat says he has been bringing her food and water for a couple of weeks. He even built a make-shift shelter with blankets. Sweat knows the dog as Queen and says she used to live next door with his neighbors, who he hasn't seen since last month. Sweat says when he stopped by Friday; she had frost on her nose.

"I was terrified I was going to come up here and find her frozen. I'm really glad she took to the little shelter there."

On Monday, Animal Control was at the home off of Tacky Point Road trying to rescue her. On Wednesday, Roman stopped by. He tried to bring the dog back to the shelter with him, but he says she didn't quite take to him. He says he's hopeful that tomorrow he or Animal Control will be successful.

"I would love for her to just come up to me and I could put a leash around her, and maybe she will do that after coming back day after day, maybe eventually she will trust me, but I don't want to scare her. I don't want her to have a traumatic experience."

Sweat says it's difficult to see her like this. He says Queen was a happy canine.

"I really love dogs, have dogs myself. I really care for them. I feel sorry for her. I just don't want her to freeze to death or starve to death out here."

Animal Control is working to identify the owners.