Armed robbery thwarted after clerk tells suspect to seek help

BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say an armed robbery at a Beaufort County convenience store was thwarted after a clerk told the suspect to seek help.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office responded to the Circle K on 1380 Fording Island Rd. for an attempted robbery.

The victim, a 59-year-old woman, said the suspect was in the store earlier in the day, and she believed him to be homeless since he told her he had no family and was asking for help.

According to the victim, when the man returned to the store later that day, he was wearing a bandana around his face and kept his hands in his pockets.

An incident report states the man approached the clerk and demanded all the money. The clerk said she refused and said she had already deposited the money into the store's safe.

Investigators say the clerk continued to talk to the suspect for several minutes, attempting to convince him to seek help. The sheriff's office says the suspect eventually left the store, leaving the clerk unharmed.

Authorities say the suspect did not brandish any weapons and conveyed no threats during the incident.

The sheriff's office describes the suspect as a white male, between 18 and 20 years old, 5'9" and 130 pounds. He was last seen wearing a baggy blue jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt with blue sleeves.

If you have any information you are asked to call Investigator Cpl. J. Morgan at (843) 255-3422.

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